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Music Videos + Police

It's been a long time since any of us posted an update. We have actually been very busy in the time since then. Again, it's all behind the scenes stuff that will become very apparent in the coming months.

With this being our first album, it's fair to say we massively underestimated how long the process could go on for. We may have jumped the gun a bit in 2016 saying it would be out the following year (sorry Nightshift). Anyway, I can confidently tell you that the completion of the album is drawing very close now. We are attending the final mixing session this Saturday down at Snap in London. We received some roughs of the 4 remaining tracks yesterday and they are sounding great. All the hard work has finally paid off.

I'm trying to contain some excitement as I write this too! I really dont want to get my hopes up too much at this stage, but there has been a very exciting exchange of emails over the past few weeks. If what is (potentially) in the works comes together then the future looks bright for Kanadia. Don't want to curse it so i'll leave that there for now!

In other news we have been busy filming two music videos this past month. Both very different from one another. The first video is a revival of the failed Scotland expedition to the Cairngorms. At long last we have finished it! it only took a year. It still wasn't without it's dramas. The police didn't take too kindly to finding our director hanging out the back of a moving car on an industrial estate at night time. They were even under the impression we had weapons! I think it was called in by a very concerned and possibly scared lorry driver who had parked up for the night.

We have a headline gig at the Cellar on June 30th, it would be great to see all you dedicated lot (who read this) on the night!

Anyway we will do our best to keep the updates more frequent again, until we get massively side-tracked :)

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