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Album's finished?!

Is the album now finished?! yep it is! As you would've all heard by now its been a long process and probably our greatest achievement so far! It's been hard work, alot of hours, but we can officially say that it's done.

Melissa, James, Tim & Will

The final step was mastering the album with Tim Turan (Pictured above)

Before that was even possible we had to sit down and figure out the track listing, a very frustrating time for us all (especially James ahaha). You don't realise the importance of that until you have to listen to all of the tracks for hours, figuring out the best flow and what's going to grip your audience on the first listen.

Now the real work begins.....

With it now being the festival season we are making changes to our live set up to meet the album standards. With my new equipment, like the Moog and the Sampler, my role has evolved significantly which is exciting but also daunting.

New set up

So what can we expect from Kanadia now? Seeing as the album is finished we are looking forward to getting out there and gigging more. The Cellar will be our first gig since February, if you haven't got a ticket you should get one now as the numbers are looking good!

The rest of our time is now split between meetings, chasing down PR companies, Radio pluggers, Spotify curators, labels and shooting more music videos.

So many years of work has gone into creating the album, we are determined to give it a good launch! You can help us achieve that, supporting us doesn't go unappreciated, sharing our music and coming to gigs means the world to us!

If you're ever at a show we'd love to see you, come and say hello (we don't bite)

Stay tuned, keep reading the blogs to see what's going on behind the scenes!

We're really excited to share this music with you.

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