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Final Days

This week I have spent a lot of time concentrating on the album artwork. With the music coming to its final stages, I felt it was about time to get the ball rolling.

As a band we are still trying to figure out the visual side of things and how we wish to appear. In my opinion, artwork is just as important as the music. People will see the art before they hear the music. I'm also thinking way down the line about how an image will appear on a backdrop, a T shirt and any other physical product. I set out to find something quite bold & simple that also has some sort of meaning to me. I experimented a lot with inks and made around 200 rough pieces...... nothing I liked though. Eventually I was getting a bit fed up and frustrated, I started to doubt the whole concept. At that exact moment a solution arose which picked me back up. I dont want to reveal too many details and spoil the big reveal, but I feel confident to say we now have an album cover!

A few days later we received the news that we have a slot on the main stage at TRUCK Festival 2018. After a few months of self doubt this really cheered me up. Its great to feel present again. We have been so busy behind the scenes that I wouldn't blame some people for thinking we had disappeared :)

The week was finished off with our two final days over at the studio with Richard Neuberg. The goal was to track the very final touches on the last song. We spent 4 hours searching for a pulsating keyboard part. It ended up getting quite techy and fiddly but I feel very happy with what we achieved. It's not often that the exact sound you hear in your head translates to real life.

Day 2 was spent overdubbing Tom drums. The aim was to create a more rhythmic feel to about 20 seconds of the song. I could really hear these Toms bouncing around the recording, I wanted them to sonically leap out of the track and take the song to a new place. The process nearly drove us all mad. It consisted of chopping up drum fills and compiling different takes for the entire day. In the end it all started to sound a bit too busy. We settled for simple Tom rolls that enhance the existing drum fills that were played on the kit.

As most of our fans know, this album has been a very long time in the making. Its a huge milestone to leave that studio for the final time! All that remains now is the mixing of several songs and the mastering.

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